Please Please Please is a Melbourne-based industrial design studio specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke lighting, furniture and architectural elements. Established in 2011, a broad portfolio of bespoke commissions, predominantly for the Hospitality Industry, has been developed. The ever changing, creative nature of this industry to produce imaginative, appropriate pieces has allowed Please Please Please to naturally evolve into creating crafted object collections for the retail market.

Consistently underscored by a belief in the functional and enduring quality of each piece, Please Please Please design and manufacture products that thoughtfully engage with the space they are intended for. Working with a locally based foundry, team of fabricators, timber-workers, and artisans has developed a close, cooperative spirit to produce characterful, quality driven and desirable objects.

Please Please Please prefers:

  • Well designed to just designed.
  • Unembellished to exaggerated.
  • Delicate to flimsy.
  • Fact to falsehood.
  • Spirited to spineless.
  • Connected to cut-off.
  • Radical to irrational.
  • Opinion to opinionated.
  • Fervent to apathetic.
  • Open-minded to slack jawed.
  • Thoughtful to thoughtless.


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